Powerthon™ Table Tennis Paddles – Set of 2 Recreational Table Tennis Paddles with 3 White Table Tennis Balls


  • Fun Times are Guaranteed with this Set of Two Hardbat Table Tennis Rackets and Three White Table Tennis Balls.
  • These Table Tennis Paddles are Great recreational paddles that will remind you of your first time playing Table Tennis.
  • Rackets- Shakehand Grip, Flared Handles, 5-ply Blades, with Surface Pips (Pimples) Out.
  • These beginner table tennis paddles represent the comeback of Classic Hard Bat Table Tennis.
  • This model of Powerthon™ Table Tennis Paddles are not professional table tennis paddles, but they are sturdy and fun to play with.

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This Powerthon™ Table Tennis Paddle Set is a great recreational 2 Paddle, 3 Ball Table Tennis Set.
Powerthon Classic Table Tennis Paddles And Balls Set With Logo SmallThese table tennis paddles are the classic hard bat variety. This model has the outward facing short pips (pimples) rubber paddle on 5 ply wood with NO sponge. You’ll be able to feel the ball and hear it when you hit it, unlike the sponge ping pong paddle variety. Hard bat table tennis is the original table tennis game, and it’s making a come back. On the website, Hard Bat dot Com you can find some great reasons for this resurgence in classic hard bat table tennis. “Since Hardbat rallies are longer, it has been argued that playing a hardbat game is thus a more aerobic experience.” “HardBat focuses on skill rather than equipment. Nobody wins because their paddle confused the opponent.” “With a hardbat, the player feels the shock of the ball hitting the wood, the energy transmitted directly to the hand. When a player cracks a solid slam, it is through the force of his/her swing, and nothing else.” If you like playing table tennis, and you’re not looking to spend a large sum of money on a fancy paddle, this powerthon™ table tennis paddle set is just what you’re looking for. You get 2 paddles in each set, with 3 celluloid table tennis balls. “We’ve been using these paddles at our Family Reunions for many years. They work great, and even though they’re not professional table tennis paddles, they hold up great, and we do our reunion tournaments with them.” Sye Rodriguez at Powerthon™, We want you to be happy with your table tennis paddle set. If you don’t find our paddles up to your standards for hours of fun, let us know and we’ll refund your purchase upon return.


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